"jupp" resource file for Jupp3.1*nix (c) 1997-2020 Thorsten Glaser Provided that these terms and disclaimer and all copyright notices are retained or reproduced in an accompanying document, permission is granted to deal in this work without restriction, including un- limited rights to use, publicly perform, distribute, sell, modify, merge, give away, or sublicence. This work is provided "AS IS" and WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, to the utmost extent permitted by applicable law, neither express nor implied; without malicious intent or gross negligence. In no event may a licensor, author or contributor be held liable for indirect, direct, other damage, loss, or other issues arising in any way out of dealing in the work, even if advised of the possibility of such damage or existence of a defect, except proven that it results out of said person's immediate fault when using the work as intended. -asis -assume_color -baud 9600 -dopadding --force -keepup -mid -nobackups -noxon -notite -pastetite -pg 2 -lmsg \i%k%T%*\b%n\b%R -rmsg R%r<%l C%c\u%o|%O\i\b%a|%A\b\i\u %u -hmsg \i\f\b^J = Help\b\f --crlf -guess_crlf -french -hex -indentc 9 -istep 1 --guess_indent --autoindent -purify -highlight --linums -lmargin 1 -rmargin 73 --smarthome --indentfirst -smartbacks -tab 8 --wordwrap #HOOK#1 global/default flags === Generic files No '.' in filename? * Assume it's a text file and, except in jupp, we want wordwrap on. -wordwrap Filename with '.' is probably not a text file. *.* Binary file *.bin --crlf --guess_crlf -encoding ascii -hex === Patterns with multiple wildcards Order is latest match wins, so... */patch-* -highlight -syntax diff * +Only in[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +Nur in[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +\[1-9]\+\[0-9]\[cda] -highlight -syntax diff *.sh* -syntax sh *.ksh* -syntax sh *.mksh* -syntax sh *.bash* -syntax sh *tmp/mutt-* -wordwrap -syntax mail *tmp/pico.* -wordwrap -syntax mail */mail/* -syntax mail */patches/* -highlight -syntax diff === Assembly *.asm -syntax asm *.S -syntax asm *.s -syntax asm === C, C++, Objective-C *.C -syntax c *.c -syntax c *.cc -syntax c *.cpp -syntax c *.cxx -syntax c *.c++ -syntax c *.h -syntax c *.hh -syntax c *.hpp -syntax c *.h++ -syntax c *.m -syntax c *.nxc -syntax c === C Shell *.csh -syntax csh *.login -syntax csh *.logout -syntax csh *.tcsh -syntax csh *.tcshrc -syntax csh * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/\+tcsh\> -syntax csh * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/env\[ ]\+\[ ]\+tcsh\> -syntax csh === Diff *.diff -highlight -syntax diff *.patch -highlight -syntax diff *.rej -highlight -syntax diff *.debdiff -highlight -syntax diff * +---\[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +***\[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +Index: \*\n====================================================== -highlight -syntax diff * +Index: \*\ndiff\*\n--- \*\n+++\[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +\[=?]\*\n--- \*\n+++\[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +diff\*\n--- \*\n+++\[ ] -highlight -syntax diff * +diff --git\*\nindex\*\n--- \*\n+++\[ ] -highlight -syntax diff === eMail *.eml -syntax mail Not quite eMail but still RFC822 *.mht -syntax mail === FORTRAN *.f -syntax fortran *.for -syntax fortran *.FOR -syntax fortran *.f77 -syntax fortran *.F77 -syntax fortran *.f90 -syntax fortran *.F90 -syntax fortran === GNU autoconf *.ac -syntax conf *.am -syntax conf === HTML *.htm -encoding utf8 -syntax html *.html -encoding utf8 -syntax html * +<\[Hh]\[Tt]\[Mm]\[Ll]\> -encoding utf8 -syntax html * + -encoding utf8 -syntax html === Java *.java -encoding utf8 -syntax java === JOE Syntax File *.jsf -syntax conf === LISP *.lisp -syntax lisp *.lsp -syntax lisp *.el -syntax lisp === Make *akefile -syntax conf *AKEFILE -syntax conf === Mason *.mas -syntax mason === Pascal *.p -syntax pascal *.pas -syntax pascal === Perl *.pl -syntax perl *.pm -syntax perl * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/perl -syntax perl * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/env\[ ]\+\[ ]perl -syntax perl === PHP *.php -syntax php === Python *.py -encoding utf8 -syntax python -tab 4 -indentc 32 -istep 4 -spaces * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/python -encoding utf8 -syntax python -tab 4 -indentc 32 -istep 4 -spaces * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/env\[ ]\+\[ ]python -encoding utf8 -syntax python -tab 4 -indentc 32 -istep 4 -spaces === Bourne, Korn, POSIX Shell *profile -syntax sh * +:\[ \n] -syntax sh * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/\+\[bda]sh\> -syntax sh * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/env\[ ]\+\[ ]\+\[bda]sh\> -syntax sh * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/\+\[a-z]ksh\+\[0-9._-]\> -syntax sh * +#!\+\[ ]\+\[/a-z0-9._-]/env\[ ]\+\[ ]\+\[a-z]ksh\+\[0-9._-]\> -syntax sh === TCL *.tcl -syntax tcl === TeX *.cls -syntax tex *.def -syntax tex *.dtx -syntax tex *.lco -syntax tex *.sty -syntax tex *.tex -syntax tex === Verilog *.v -syntax verilog -istep 2 *.vh -syntax verilog -istep 2 === VHDL *.vhd -syntax vhdl -istep 2 === XML *.xml -encoding utf8 -syntax xml *.xsl -encoding utf8 -syntax xml * +]?>\+\[ \n] -encoding utf8 -syntax html #HOOK#2 filename matching {General \i Help Screen turn off with ^J more help with Esc+. (^[.) \i \i \i \u\bEXIT\b\u \u\bBLOCK DEF\b\u \u\bBLOCK OP\b\u \u\bSEARCH\b\u \u\bDELETE:\b\u \b^H\b char \b^QT\b line \i \i \i \i \u\bMISC\b\u \b^KL\b line \b^KY\b kill \b^QA\b find and replace \b^T\b >word \b^[Y\b yank \i \i \i \i \b^QM\b math \b^KH\b hide \b^K/\b pipe \b^QG\b char backwards \u\bSHELL\b\u \u\bFILE\b\u \i \i \i \i \b^O\b options \u\bQUOTE\b\u \u\bBUFFER\b\u \b^QF\b char forwards \b^KZ\b suspend \b^KS\b save\das\d \i \i \i \i \b^[P\b pastemode \b`\b Ctrl \b^U\b undo \b^[R\b incremental b. \b^K'\b window \b^KR\b import \i \i \i \i \b^[-\b cmdprompt \b^P\b Meta \b^^\b redo \b^[T\b incr. forwards \b^['\b command \b^KW\b export \i \i } {Movement \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i \u\bMovement in jupp:\b\u screen(top) \i \i \i \i upslide \b^QE\b page(top) file(beginning) \i \i \i \i \b^W\b (char)up \b^R\b \b^QR\b \i \i \i \i (beginning)line (prev)word left \b^E\b right (next)word line(end) \i \i \i \i \b^QS\b \b^A\b \b^S\b \d<+>\d \b^D\b \b^F\b \b^QD\b \i \i \i \i downslide (char)down page(bottom) file(end) \i \i \i \i \b^Z\b \b^X\b \b^C\b \b^QC\b \i \i \i \uWordStar diamond\u \i \b^QX\b \d<-\d screen(bottom) \i \i } {Windows \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i \b^KG\b make current window bigger \b^KI\b show all windows / show one window \i \i \i \i \b^KT\b make current window smaller \b^KO\b split the current window in half \i \i \i \i \b^KP\b go to the window above \b^K-\b edit scratch buffer in new window \i \i \i \i \b^KN\b go to the window below \b^KQ\b eliminate the current window \i \i \i \i \b^KE\b load file into new window \b^K;\b run a ctags search \i \i \i \i Note: some commands (\b^KE\b \b^K;\b \b^K-\b) hide the current window; use \b^KI\b/\b^KN\b then \i \i \i \i \u\bSpecial help for XON/XOFF aware terminals:\b\u \i \i \i \i You can type \b^[q\b instead of \b^Q\b and \b^[s\b instead of \b^S\b for all commands. \i \i } {Orientation \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i \u\bGOTO\b\u \u\bMISC\b\u \u\bINSERT MATH OR CURRENT\b\u \i \i \i \i \b^Q=\b merge conflict marker \b^K\b \u0-9\u define bookmark \b^[#\b equation \b^[@\b date \i \i \i \i \b^QV\b start of last search \b^V\b overtype mode \b^[=\b result \b^[!\b time \i \i \i \i \b^Q]\b next matching brace \u\bGOTO\b\u \u\bREFORMAT\b\u \u\bINDENT LINE\b\u \i \i \i \i \b^Q[\b previous " " \b^Q-\b column number \b^B\b line \b^K.\b more \i \i \i \i \b^QP\b previous place \b^QI\b line number \b^KD\b block \b^K,\b less \i \i \i \i \b^K=\b next place \b^QO\b byte offset \b^]\b split line \b^KA\b centre \i \i \i \i \b^QB\b to ^KB \b^QK\b to ^KK \b^Q\b \u0-9\u bookmark #0-9 \b^K]\b fix whitespace at EOL/EOF \i \i } {Advanced \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i \u\bCOMPILING\b\u \u\bMISC\b\u \i \i \i \i \b^[C\b compile \uand\u \b^[E\b parse errors \b^Q.\b scroll right \i \i \i \i \b^[M\b goto next... \b^[N\b previous error \b^Q,\b scroll left \i \i \i \i \b^KF\b save, compile & upload to NXT brick \b^QL\b refresh \i \i \i \i \u\bMACROS\b\u \b^QQ\b repeat \i \i \i \i \b^[(\b record \b^[/\b query \b^[?\b list defined \b^Q?\b status \i \i \i \i \b^[)\b stop \b^N\b play #0 \b^[\b \u0-9\u play #0-9 \b^[H\b message \i \i \i \i \u\bMATH\b\u (hex or double float) variables: \ubyte\u \ucol\u \uheight\u \uline\u \ulines\u \utop\u \uwidth\u \i \i } {Search \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i \u\bSpecial search sequences:\b\u \i \i \i \i \b\\^\b \b\\$\b matches beg./end of line \b\\?\b match any single char \i \i \i \i \b\\<\b \b\\>\b matches beg./end of word \b\\*\b match 0 or more chars \i \i \i \i \b\\c\b matches balanced C expression \b\\\\\b matches a backslash (\\) \i \i \i \i \b\\[a-z]\b matches one of a set, ^ inverts \b\\n\b matches a newline \i \i \i \i \b\\+\b matches 0 or more of the character which follows the \\+ \i \i \i \i \u\bSpecial replace sequences:\b\u \i \i \i \i \b\\\\\b replaced with a backslash (\\) \b\\n\b replaced with a newline \i \i \i \i \b\\&\b replaced with the text which matched the search string \i \i \i \i \b\\\b\u0\u - \u9\u replaced with text which matched \uN+1\uth \\?, \\*, \\c, \\[a-z] or \\+ \i \i } {Names \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i At file name prompts use the cursor up/down keys to access a history of \i \i \i \i recently used files or the tab key to complete them. \u\bSpecial file names:\b\u \i \i \i \i \b!\b\ucommand\u Pipe in/out of a shell command \i \i \i \i \b>>\b\ufilename\u Append to a file \i \i \i \i \b-\b Read/Write to/from standard I/O \i \i \i \i \ufilename\u\b,\b\uSTART\u\b,\b\uSIZE\u Read/Write a part of a file/device \i \i \i \i Give START/SIZE in decimal (255), octal (0377) or hex (0xFF) \i \i \i \i \u\bPresentation mode:\b\u \bF6\b=fullscreen; \bF7\b=previous, \bF8\b=next win; \bF9\b=filter/again \i \i } {Joe \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, next screen ^[. \i \i \i \bJUPP\b is based upon JOE (Joe's Own Editor) 2.8/3.x \d(GPL v1)\d by Joe H. Allen; \i \i \i \i go to \uhttp://sf.net/projects/joe-editor/\u for upstream bug reports. JUPP 2.8 \i \i \i \i for DOS compiled by A. Totlis, packed with LHarc 2.13; JUPP 3.x for UNIX\d(R)\d \i \i \i \i at \uhttp://mirbsd.de/jupp\u and by \bThorsten "\dmirabilos\d" Glaser <\utg@mirbsd.org\u>\b \i \i \i \i @(#) jupprc 2020-01-31; 3.1; autoCR-LF; UTF-8 via locale; per-file encoding \i \i } #HOOK#3 additional help screens {CharTable \i Help Screen turn off with ^J prev. screen ^[, \uCharacter Map\u \i \i \i Dec Hex \u 0123 4567 89AB CDEF 0123 4567 89AB CDEF \u Hex Dec \i \i \i \i | | \i \i \i \i 0 00 | \u@ABC\u \uDEFG\u \uHIJK\u \uLMNO\u | 80 128 \i \i \i \i 16 10 | \uPQRS\u \uTUVW\u \uXYZ[\u \u\\]^_\u | 90 144 \i \i \i \i 32 20 | !"# $%&' ()*+ ,-./ | A0 160 \i \i \i \i 48 30 | 0123 4567 89:; <=>? | B0 176 \i \i \i \i 64 40 | @ABC DEFG HIJK LMNO | C0 192 \i \i \i \i 80 50 | PQRS TUVW XYZ[ \\]^_ | D0 208 \i \i \i \i 96 60 | `abc defg hijk lmno | E0 224 \i \i \i \i 112 70 | pqrs tuvw xyz{ |}~ | F0 240 \i \i } {Paste \i \i \i \i \u\bPaste Mode\b\u turn off with \b^D\b or \b^[[201~\b \i \i } :windows #HOOK#4 common keybindings type ^@ TO abort ^K Q abort ^K ^Q abort ^K q arg ^Q Q arg ^Q ^Q arg ^Q q arg ^[ q q explode .k6 explode ^K I explode ^K ^I explode ^K i explode ^[ [ 1 7 ~ help .k1 help ^J help ^[ [ 1 1 ~ hnext ^[ . hprev ^[ , math ^Q M math ^Q ^M math ^Q m math ^[ q m mathins ^[ # mathres ^[ = msg ^[ H msg ^[ h nextw .k8 nextw ^K N nextw ^K ^N nextw ^K n nextw ^[ [ 1 9 ~ play ^[ 0 TO 9 prevw .k7 prevw ^K P prevw ^K ^P prevw ^K p prevw ^[ [ 1 8 ~ query ^[ / quote ` quote8 ^P record ^[ ( retype ^Q L retype ^Q ^L retype ^Q l retype ^[ q l rtn ^M shell ^K Z shell ^K ^Z shell ^K z stop ^[ ) :Paste type ^@ TO rtn ^M msg,"Entered bracketed paste mode",rtn ^[ [ 2 0 0 ~ helpcard,rtn,keymap,"main",rtn,msg,rtn ^[ [ 2 0 1 ~ helpcard,rtn,keymap,"main",rtn ^D :Pastecua type ^@ TO rtn ^M msg,"Entered bracketed paste mode",rtn ^[ [ 2 0 0 ~ helpcard,rtn,keymap,"cua",rtn,msg,rtn ^[ [ 2 0 1 ~ helpcard,rtn,keymap,"cua",rtn ^D :Pasteprompt type ^@ TO nop ^L keymap,"prompt",rtn,msg,rtn,rtn ^M msg,"Entered bracketed paste mode",rtn ^[ [ 2 0 0 ~ keymap,"prompt",rtn,msg,rtn ^[ [ 2 0 1 ~ keymap,"prompt",rtn ^D :main :inherit windows :def dosrch setmark,":",ffirst :def dorepl setmark,":",qrepl :def pastemain helpcard,"Paste",rtn,keymap,"Paste",rtn :def conflictmarker dosrch,"\\^\\[<>=]\\[<>=]\\[<>=]\\[<>=]\\[<>=]\\[<>=]\\[<>=]\\[ \\n]",rtn,rtn,ltarw :def fixwhitespace psh,setmark,":",eof," ",bof,"a",qrepl,"\\[",quote,"i",quote,"k",quote,"l",quote,"m ]\\+\\[",quote,"i",quote,"k",quote,"l",quote,"m ]\\$",rtn,rtn,rtn,"r",eof,rtn,ffirst,"\\^\\[^\\n]",rtn,"b",rtn,eol,markb,bof,delch,eof,markk,blkdel,ffirst,"\\?",rtn,"b",rtn,eol,rtn,gomark,":",eof :def freedroidz psh,splitw,prevw,scratch,"nbc-Output",rtn,nextw,save,markk,bol,markb,prevw,prevw,blkcpy,nextw,nextw,rtn,prevw,eol,"'",bol,qrepl,"'",rtn,rtn,"'\\\\''",rtn,"r",backs,backs,backs,bol,"LC_ALL=C; export LC_ALL; fn='",eol,"; p=--posix; sed $p -e q /dev/null 2>&1 || p=; r=$(sed $p -e 's[^^][&]g; s\\^\\\\^g' < Error: filename not *.nxc'; exit ;; esac; echo \"Compiling $fn\"; nbc -sm- -d \"$fn\" 2>&1; x=$?; if test $x = 0; then echo '==> OK'; else echo '==> Error code:' $x; fi) | tr '\\n' '' | sed $p -e 's!# *\\([^]*\\)File \"[^\"]*/\\('\"$r\"'\\)\" ; line \\([0-9]*\\)!\\2:\\3: \\1!g' -e 's!#\\([^]*\\)File \"\\([^\"]*\\)\" ; line \\([0-9]*\\)!\\2:\\3: \\1!g' | tr '' '\\n'",rtn,nmark,filt,"sh",rtn,rtn,"Press ^KQ to close this window!",rtn,parserr :def docompile edit,rtn,filt,query,parserr :def filtall nmark,filt,uparw :def pvsrch prevpos,gomark,":" :def inscurdate insf,"!date '+%Y-%m-%d'",rtn,eol,delch :def inscurtime insf,"!date '+%H:%M:%S'",rtn,eol,delch #HOOK#5 main keybindings setmark,":",uparw,gomark,":",begin_marking,uparw,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 2 A setmark,":",dnarw,gomark,":",begin_marking,dnarw,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 2 B setmark,":",rtarw,gomark,":",begin_marking,rtarw,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 2 C setmark,":",ltarw,gomark,":",begin_marking,ltarw,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 2 D setmark,":",bol,gomark,":",begin_marking,bol,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 2 H setmark,":",eol,gomark,":",begin_marking,eol,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 2 F setmark,":",bof,gomark,":",begin_marking,bof,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 6 H setmark,":",eof,gomark,":",begin_marking,eof,toggle_marking ^[ [ 1 ; 6 F pastemain ^[ P pastemain ^[ p pastemain ^[ [ 2 0 0 ~ nop ^[ [ 2 0 1 ~ backs ^? backs ^H backw ^[ o bknd ^K ' bkwdc ^Q G ^@ TO bkwdc ^Q ^G ^@ TO bkwdc ^Q g ^@ TO bkwdc ^[ q g ^@ TO blkcpy ^K C blkcpy ^K ^C blkcpy ^K c blkdel ^K Y blkdel ^K ^Y blkdel ^K y blkmove ^K V blkmove ^K ^V blkmove ^K v blksave ^K W blksave ^K ^W blksave ^K w bof ^Q R bof ^Q ^R bof ^Q r bof ^[ [ 1 ; 5 H bof ^[ q r home .kh home ^Q S home ^Q ^S home ^Q s home ^[ [ 1 ~ home ^[ [ 7 ~ home ^[ [ H home ^[ q s bos ^Q X bos ^Q ^X bos ^Q x bos ^[ q x byte ^Q O byte ^Q ^O byte ^Q o byte ^[ q o center ^K A center ^K ^A center ^K a col ^Q - col ^[ q - conflictmarker ^Q = conflictmarker ^[ q = crawll ^Q , crawll ^[ q , crawlr ^Q . crawlr ^[ q . delbol ^Q T delbol ^Q ^? delbol ^Q ^T delbol ^Q t delbol ^[ q ^? delbol ^[ q t delch .kD delch ^G delch ^[ [ 3 ~ deleol ^Q Y deleol ^Q ^Y deleol ^Q y deleol ^[ q y dellin ^Y delw ^T dnarw .kd dnarw ^X dnarw ^[ O B dnarw ^[ [ B dnslide ^Z edit ^K E edit ^K ^E edit ^K e eof ^Q C eof ^Q ^C eof ^Q c eof ^[ [ 1 ; 5 F eof ^[ q c eol .@7 eol .kH eol ^Q D eol ^Q ^D eol ^Q d eol ^[ [ 4 ~ eol ^[ [ 8 ~ eol ^[ [ F eol ^[ q d execmd ^[ - exsave ^K X exsave ^K ^X exsave ^K x dosrch ^Q F dosrch ^Q ^F dosrch ^Q f dosrch ^[ q f filt ^K / filtall .k9 filtall ^[ [ 2 0 ~ fixwhitespace ^K ] fmtblk ^K D fmtblk ^K ^D fmtblk ^K d format ^B fnext .k3 fnext ^L fnext ^[ [ 1 3 ~ freedroidz ^K F freedroidz ^K ^F freedroidz ^K f fwrdc ^Q H ^@ TO fwrdc ^Q ^H ^@ TO fwrdc ^Q h ^@ TO fwrdc ^[ q h ^@ TO gomark ^Q 0 TO 9 gomark ^[ q 0 TO 9 groww ^K G groww ^K ^G groww ^K g inscurdate ^[ @ inscurtime ^[ ! insf ^K R insf ^K ^R insf ^K r isrch ^[ T isrch ^[ t lindent ^K , line ^Q I line ^Q ^I line ^Q i line ^[ q i ltarw .kl ltarw ^S ltarw ^[ O D ltarw ^[ [ D ltarw ^[ s macros ^[ ? markb ^K B markb ^K ^B markb ^K b markk ^K K markk ^K ^K markk ^K k markl ^K L markl ^K ^L markl ^K l mode ^O mode,"T" .kI mode,"T" ^V mode,"T" ^[ [ 2 ~ mode,"T" ^[ [ L nextpos ^K = nextword ^F nextword ^[ [ 1 ; 5 C nmark ^K H nmark ^K ^H nmark ^K h nxterr ^[ M nxterr ^[ m open ^] docompile ^[ C docompile ^[ c parserr ^[ E parserr ^[ e pgdn .kN pgdn ^C pgdn ^[ [ 6 ~ pgdn ^[ [ G pgup .kP pgup ^R pgup ^[ [ 5 ~ pgup ^[ [ I play,"0" ^N prevpos ^Q P prevpos ^Q ^P prevpos ^Q p prevpos ^[ q p prevword ^A prevword ^[ [ 1 ; 5 D prverr ^[ N prverr ^[ n pvsrch ^Q V pvsrch ^Q ^V pvsrch ^Q v pvsrch ^[ q v dorepl ^Q A dorepl ^Q ^A dorepl ^Q a dorepl ^[ q a redo ^^ rindent ^K . rsrch ^[ R rsrch ^[ r rtarw .kr rtarw ^D rtarw ^[ O C rtarw ^[ [ C run ^[ ' save ^K S save ^K ^S save ^K s scratch,"(S) " ^K - setmark ^K 0 TO 9 shrinkw ^K T shrinkw ^K ^T shrinkw ^K t splitw ^K O splitw ^K ^O splitw ^K o stat ^Q ? stat ^[ q ? tag ^K ; tomarkb ^Q B tomarkb ^Q ^B tomarkb ^Q b tomarkb ^[ q b tomarkk ^Q K tomarkk ^Q ^K tomarkk ^Q k tomarkk ^[ q k rvmatch ^Q [ tomatch ^Q ] rvmatch ^Q ^[ tomatch ^Q ^] rvmatch ^[ q [ tomatch ^[ q ] tos ^Q E tos ^Q ^E tos ^Q e tos ^[ q e undo ^U undo ^_ uparw .ku uparw ^E uparw ^[ O A uparw ^[ [ A upslide ^W yankpop ^[ Y yankpop ^[ y :prompt :inherit main :def pasteprompt keymap,"Pasteprompt",rtn,msg,"Entered bracketed paste mode",rtn abort ^C abort ^U complete ^I nop ^L pasteprompt ^[ P pasteprompt ^[ p pasteprompt ^[ [ 2 0 0 ~ :menu :inherit windows abort ^U abort ^[ ^[ backsmenu ^? backsmenu ^H bofmenu ^Q R bofmenu ^Q ^R bofmenu ^Q r bofmenu ^[ [ 1 ; 5 H bofmenu ^[ q r bolmenu .kh bolmenu ^Q S bolmenu ^Q ^S bolmenu ^Q s bolmenu ^[ [ 1 ~ bolmenu ^[ [ 7 ~ bolmenu ^[ [ H bolmenu ^[ q s dnarwmenu .kd dnarwmenu ^X dnarwmenu ^[ O B dnarwmenu ^[ [ B eofmenu ^Q C eofmenu ^Q ^C eofmenu ^Q c eofmenu ^[ [ 1 ; 5 F eofmenu ^[ q c eolmenu .@7 eolmenu .kH eolmenu ^Q D eolmenu ^Q ^D eolmenu ^Q d eolmenu ^[ [ 4 ~ eolmenu ^[ [ 8 ~ eolmenu ^[ [ F eolmenu ^[ q d ltarwmenu .kl ltarwmenu ^S ltarwmenu ^[ O D ltarwmenu ^[ [ D ltarwmenu ^[ s pgdnmenu .kN pgdnmenu ^C pgdnmenu ^[ [ 6 ~ pgdnmenu ^[ [ G pgupmenu .kP pgupmenu ^R pgupmenu ^[ [ 5 ~ pgupmenu ^[ [ I rtarwmenu .kr rtarwmenu ^D rtarwmenu ^[ O C rtarwmenu ^[ [ C rtn SP rtn ^J tabmenu ^I uparwmenu .ku uparwmenu ^E uparwmenu ^[ O A uparwmenu ^[ [ A :query :inherit windows :querya type ^@ TO :querysr type ^@ TO :cua :inherit main #HOOK#6 extra keybindings in CUA mode :def pastecua helpcard,"Paste",rtn,keymap,"Pastecua",rtn undo ^Z blkdel,nmark ^X copy ^C yank ^V pastecua ^[ P pastecua ^[ p pastecua ^[ [ 2 0 0 ~